About Us

About us

The missing piece!

In a fast-paced market, an idea sparkled in the visionary minds of our founders! Thus iSolve was founded. Build on professionalism and backed by passion, and the deep-rooted experience in the Swiss market, in which our founders have and are still operating for more than ten years.

Seeing the missing values made them come and bring that missing piece and even try to push it further. Since its founding, iSolve is building a great success story based on the relationship, trust, and creative freedom with the clients.

Delivering, variety of digital solutions in development, marketing, and design, iSolve exceeds clients’ expectations with innovation and dedication to work.

Our Mision

We endeavor to ensure that our software and design solutions bring value, efficiency, and results for our customers by digitalizing working processes and helping them do more in no time.

Our core philosophy is to have transparency, trust, respect, and excel in our relationships with customers.

Our People

Experienced and young creatives, designing and building pleasant and easy-to-use digital products. We not only focus on developing digital products, but we also focus on developing people!

Students and graduates get the chance to come and learn as interns and get to see and be part of the workflow and process in real-life projects. With this, iSolve not only contributes to businesses and customers but also contributes to society!